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An urban farm in Barcelona

Responsible mushroom cultivation




Recyclable packaging

No pesticides

Minimum carbon footprint

More than a


Meat alternative

An ally for a healthy diet

High nutritional value


Environmental action 


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Every week we send your portion of mushrooms to your home or work.

Receive an assortment of seasonal mushrooms: shiitake, oyster, white thistle, black thistle, or poplar.

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How do we cultivate them?

Harnessing the potential of urban spaces

•  A touch of modernity

By growing in an enclosed space, we can control the environment thanks to technology which helps us manage to grow organically and efficiently

•  Cultivated with love

Our farmers always want mushrooms to grow in the best conditions. So they don't use pesticides or other chemicals.

•  Obsessed with taste

Mushrooms are harvested the day they are shipped ensuring their freshness and full flavour potential!

Our mission:

The Basement was born from the meeting between two frustrated “foodies” who sought to reconnect with the real flavor of the fresh products that we eat every day.

We believe that a more sustainable, healthy and fair lifestyle is possible.

It is not just about selling mushrooms, but creating a movement that advocates a better model of food production!

Check out some of our recipes!


Stir-fried mushrooms with soy sauce and rice

Without a doubt one of the tastiest, quickest and easiest dishes to cook! 


Stir-fried mushrooms with soy sauce and rice

This is a typical Asian recipe can be made with many different mushrooms. Very easy and super tasty


Breaded Oyster mushrooms with tartar sauce

Oyster mushrooms have a texture similar to chicken, so check out this vegan alternative to chicken nuggets. The kids are going to love it and you will too!

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